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— From the Desk of Jerry Robinson —

Hello, my name is Jerry Robinson and I am the creator of the Market Barometer system.

I am a long time student of market trends. (Nearly 17 years ago, I bought my first stock and have never looked back!)

After reading 200+ books on the topic of stock market investing (I literally read everything I could get my hands on), one major theme emerged above them all. At least to me. And that was the all important concept of the market trend.

Put simply, nearly all of the money made by Wall Street “fat-cats” comes from their uncanny ability to profit from the existing market trends.

Just like the ocean’s waves, trends can be ridden. In fact, riding the “waves” in the market is one of my favorite ways to make money.

With the Market Barometer, you will now have the knowledge you need to exploit the trend in U.S. stocks… and more importantly, to profit from them!

Are you concerned that the U.S. stock market is going to crash? Over 100 years of market analysis has provided investors with a clear picture of how bear markets unfold. (The patterns are based on human emotions, so they are extremely predictable.) 

If you, as a small investor, could gain that kind of knowledge, how much would it be worth to you?

Back in 2008, as the stock market crumbled under the weight of public fear, just a handful of financial advisors and investors had access to this Market Barometer. I had created it as I saw the monster financial crisis that was upon us. (I even wrote a best-selling book before the crisis entitled: Bankruptcy of our Nation: Your Financial Survival Guide.) Because the Market Barometer was originally designed for professional investment managers, financial advisors, and other professional investors, many of these early users were able to protect their client’s assets when our system issued a RED ALERT sell signal in the weeks prior to the sharpest stock market decline in over a generation.

By late 2009, our Market Barometer gave an “all-clear” signal, meaning that it was considered safe to begin getting back into U.S. stocks. While much of the investing world (and especially the internet) were warned of impending doom for U.S. stocks, our Market Barometer system tipped us off to re-enter stocks near the beginning of the longest rally in a generation!

Obviously, the early adopters of the Market Barometer were — and remain — very pleased with our system’s ability to detect important shifts within the stock market.

In 2013, I decided to make the Market Barometer service available to the public for the first time.


Because of my personal belief that the “big one” is coming…

Of course, I am referring to largest stock market collapse in U.S. history.

Basic economic and monetary laws require that our debt-based financial system will eventually destroy all confidence of the U.S. public in Washington’s ability to legitimately finance its outrageous spending levels.

That day is coming… It is only a matter of time.

But until then, U.S. stock prices will continue to be pushed higher by Fed’s “easy-money” policies.

When a market goes up, its called an uptrend.

When a market go down, its called a downtrend.

And when market prices move sideways, it is a period of uncertainty.

Money can be made in any of these types of markets.

According to one study of historical market data by William J. O’Neil (Publisher of Investors Business Daily), nearly 3 out of 4 stocks ultimately follow the current general market trend.

So when U.S. stocks are in an overall uptrend, astute investors hold positions in high quality stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. They may also use call options, or other financial derivatives, to profit from the uptrend.

But what about when the market is in a downtrend? That’s easy. Either “stay out” of the market, or “short” it. By “short,” I mean to profit from the decline through the use of options, inverse ETFs, or shorting individual stocks.

And when the market is just moving sideways, it is often a good time to reflect. Speculators enjoy a market that is moving sideways as it can provide new entry points in anticipation of the next move up or down.

In times like these, it is imperative for those with money in U.S. stocks, mutual funds, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to have an exit plan.

Get out too early and you’ll miss out on perhaps the strongest part of this historic rally.

Get out too late, and your investments could be cut in half — or worse!

You need a plan.

With the Market Barometer, you can now have real-time access to a successful system that actively monitors 10 important proprietary versions of existing market indicators that exclusively track  U.S. stock prices.

When U.S. stocks flash a new trend signal, we will alert you in real-time via email. You will also have special log-in access to our website, giving you access to a growing number of investing resources.

It’s time to take control of your investing future!

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  • Market Barometer Alerts Sent By Email (Every time the most important trend in U.S. stocks changes direction.)
  • Access to the Entire Market Barometer Archive (Filled with market insights and investing wisdom by Jerry Robinson.)
  • 20+ Investing Videos with Jerry Robinson (Interactive learning for better investing.)

Use the Market Barometer to Profit from the Trend!

In 2007, FTMDaily.com founder and veteran investor, Jerry Robinson, developed his very own market timing system to help him identify the health of the stock market in real-time. This timing system monitors 10 key market indicators that can positively or negatively impact the overall markets. Here are some of the indicators that we monitor:

  • We track what the BIG money is doing… We closely watch institutional buying and selling levels by major financial institutions, hedge funds, mutual funds, etc. to identify the real supply and demand figures behind the stock market.
  • We track the all-important 52 week High/Low Ratio… When more stocks are making 52 week highs than 52 week lows, this is bullish. (And vice-versa.) We have developed a proprietary formula to measure this ratio in determining the overall health of the markets, which tells us when to get in… and when to get out.
  • We track volume levels very closely… Volume is one of the most important metrics used to determine the market’s current health. Major selling on increasing volume alerts us to danger. But major buying on increasing volume points to opportunity.

In addition, we track seven other major market indicators with our own proprietary formula.

Since Robinson developed this system, it has accurately identified every major market correction, including the major market crash of 2008 (see chart below).

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“I sell the investments in my 401(k) when you email a RED ALERT and buy again at cheaper levels when you send the GREEN ALERT. This system is perfect for me! My husband and I thank you for your awesome work!

Tammy J., Tacoma, WA
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